USANA Hepa Plus®

USANA Hepa Plus®

USANA Hepa Plus® is an unique supplement formulated with the USANA InCelligence Detox-Support Complex to support healthy and efficient liver function and to protect your health from an increasingly toxic world.

Capsules / Bottle: 84

USANA InCelligence Detox-Support Complex – USANA Hepa Plus DIFFERENCE :

  • Delivers a comprehensive array of plant-derived biomolecules, including green tea extract, milk thistle extract, broccoli concentrate, and USANA’s U.S. patented Olivol®*
  • Targets a cell-signalling pathway that supports naturally protective processes within a healthy liver
  • Defends against oxidative stress caused by free radicals
  • Is a great way to support liver function and aid the body’s natural detoxification processes
  • Effective, science-based
  • Follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratory tested, quality guaranteed. Meets USP specifications for potency, uniformity, and disintegration, where applicable.



Product Description

USANA Hepa Plus® 

If you are truly interested in supporting your liver long term, you may want to consider the help of exceptional nutrition: USANA Hepa Plus® uses the benefits of milk-thistle extract to help stimulate enzymes in the liver.

And, USANA Hepa Plus® contains advanced doses of other helpful ingredients like green-tea extract, Olivol™, turmeric and alpha-lipoic acid to further support the liver.

Try the convenience and exceptional nutrition of USANA Hepa Plus®!


  • 125 mg Choline Bitartrate
  • 80 mg Milk Thistle Fruit Extract (80% Silymarin)
  • 75 mg N-acetyl L-cysteine
  • 67 mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • 25 mg Broccoli flower extract (Brassica oleracea)  (20:1, equivalent  to 500 mg flower)
  • 15 mg Green Tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis) (15:1, equivalent to 225 mg leaf)
  • 15 mg Olive Fruit Extract (Olea europaea) (45:1, equivalent to 675 mg fruit)
  • 15 mg Turmeric Root Extract (Curcuma longa) (50:1, equivalent to 750 mg root)
  • 75 μg Biotin

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Pregelatinized Starch, Silicon Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Dextrin, Vanilla Extract, Dextrose, Soy Lecithin, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, Sodium Citrate.

Taking three tablets of USANA Hepa Plus® a day for 28 days can help significantly increase natural glutathione production and overall antioxidant capacity. In fact, the formula itself is now patent pending because of the increase in glutathione, vitamin C antioxidant capacity, and detoxification activity it helps produce within the body.


USANA Hepa Plus® has two patents pending: one for the formula’s effectiveness and a second because it safely combines previously incompatible but equally important nutrients into one bi-layer tablet using USANA’s Nutritional Hybrid Technology. This technology enables USANA to manufacture a truly unique, comprehensive liver-support supplement.

The USANA InCelligence Detox-Suport Complex :

  • Unlocks the innate intelligence of your body’s natural processes to help support the longevity of your liver cells and protect your health from an increasingly toxic world.
  • Enhanced with USANA InCelligence cell-signalling technology, USANA Hepa Plus® supports healthy liver function in many ways, including supplying the body with nutrients that promote the natural detoxification process as well as endogenous antioxidant activity.
  • In addition to alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetyl-L-cysteine, the USANA InCelligence Detox-Support Complex in USANA Hepa Plus® also delivers a comprehensive array of phytochemicals, including green tea extract, broccoli concentrate, and USANA’s patented Olivol™ olive fruit extract.

These powerfull nutrients target a cell-signaling pathway that supports naturally protective processes within a healthy liver:

  • Balancing detoxification reactions by stimulating the production of Phase II detoxification enzymes, including glutathione-S-transferences, these enzymes link with the highly reactive intermediary metabolites generated in the liver during Phase I and convert them into a form that can be excreted from the body.
  • Defending against oxidative stress caused by free radicals generated during Phase I by acting as a direct antioxidants and also activating the production of the body’s endogenous antioxidants, including glutathione, which is mos concentrated in the liver.
  • A key ingredient in USANA Hepa Plus®, choline helps the liver metabolize fats and cholesterol and move them out of the liver. Upon entry into the cell, choline is oxidized to become betaine, which plays a role in donating methyl groups necessary for detoxification reactions.
  • Turmeric is traditionally used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory.
  • In addition, n-acetyl l-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, and milk-thistle extract help your body produce its own natural antioxidants—notably, glutathione, which is most concentrated in the liver.
  • In addition to its role in normal, healthy detoxification processes, glutathione’s antioxidant activity is important not only for protection from the free radicals and toxins you are exposed to in the environment, but also because the detoxification process itself generates oxidative stress in your liver.

USANA Nutritional Hybrid Technology

  • USANA Hepa Plus® employs USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology. This state-of-the-art approach to formula design and manufacture features bilayer tableting: the separation of various formula ingredients into two distinct tablet layers.
  • Now, for the first time, previously distinct products can be joined into a single formula. Incompatible ingredients can be combined in a single tablet.
  • And key nutritional ingredients can be visually highlighted in distinct tablet layers.
  • USANA’s Nutritional Hybrid Technology opens the door to accelerated innovation in supplement design and manufacture.
  • Proudly, USANA is among the first in the supplement world to use Nutritional Hybrid Technology. 

USANA Hepa Plus® is distributed USANA Canada Company, 80 Innovation Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0T2

USANA Hepa Plus® is made in USA. USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah 84120 USA


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